43ft One - Off

The JV43 is designed to push the limit in offshore sailing for a wide range of client profiles.

Using the latest development in open sea performance and handling design, the solution is very similar to a class 40 concept with a longer hull to better accommodate necessary interior and equipment. The hull shape solution is a development from 15 comparison models, all analysed using our latest RANS Code CFD tool.

The deck layout is optimized for short crew handling and offers multiple seating positions and protection. The cockpit is designed around 2 entry doors and a central pit console resulting in a 5 winches arrangement. All lines and halyards are running back into the cockpit area so manoeuvres are possible inside a protected space.

Above deck, the rig and sail plan is optimized for offshore operation use and rating system. The aim is to reduce all possible performance gaps with the use of flying-reaching sails and staysails. That setup helps the boat behaviour in heavy sea state conditions to keep the boat balanced and reduce nose diving behaviour.

The living area is designed around the engine box, which serves as a navigation station and saloon table. On each side, we have large seating bunks, foldable for sleeping or storage use. Forward of the living area is an open space galley equipped with a cooking stove and removable cooling box. On the port side, an enclosed toilet room is located. The forward compartment is dedicated to the owner´s cabin with large storage.

For better control and safety, the boat is equipped with lifting twin rudders. The keel is made out of high-strength steel with composite fairing connected to a lead bulb at 3.0 meters draft. The use of 750L water ballast divided into 3 tanks each side allows greater performance and weight reduction for the concept. The water ballast is operated from the cockpit.


Länge über alles 13,10 m
Breite 4,50 m
Tiefgang 3,00 m
Gewicht 5,15 t
Ballast 750 l
J 6,24 m
P 17,65 m
E 5,59 m
Naval Architect judel/vrolijk & co
Exterior Designer judel/vroljik & co
Interior Designer judel/vroljik & co
Werft OceanTec
Klassifikation Cat A
Baujahr 2023

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