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Production Boats

For over 20 years we have been working in the Production Boat Market, and in this time have made almost 50 designs for 20 production boat builders.

Yards such as Baltic Yachts of Finland, Najad Varvet from Sweden and Hanse Yachts in Greifswald along with many others are our customers.


Here some examples of a long lasting collaboration with some of the biggest European shipyards.



This judel/vrolijk & co designed yacht features the luxury interior associated with Baltic, inside a high performance yacht. In addition to being built to the customers’ individual needs, the Baltic 66’s efficiency and simplicity of rig and sail plan ensure that it will be an enjoyable and easy to handle as a shorthand cruising yacht.

Hull and deck construction are built in advanced composites using Epoxy vacuum bagged sandwich laminates that are post-cured in order to achieve optimum strength. Main reinforcements in all laminates are unidirectional and multi-axial Carbon. The hull outer skin incorporates layers of Aramid fibres for an added impact resistance and safety.

One of the main ideas behind this concept is to build a simple hull and deck mould that gives the advantage of cost reduction and at the same time saving in comparison to the full custom projects but, will not be restricted to being identical to any other yacht - rather allowing for maximum flexibility in the layouts, etc.

The Baltic 66 offers maximum flexibility in the layouts and general concepts. Developed within the traditional Baltic Yachts’ philosophy, utilizing the latest technology and know how from the last years’ super high-tech projects. The big challenge was to incorporate all different concepts into one hull design. Basically all different concepts are very much performance orientated.

The first Baltic 66 was an exciting project with extra emphasis on high technology and performance. The standard Baltic 66 is already on an extremely high technical level using Epoxy vacuum bagged carbon laminates in both the hull and the deck. 


HANSE 630e




This modern yacht was designed for performance cruising in all conditions. The boat is possible to handle with small crew. Sail performance is superior whilst the least required compromise for comfort is made.

The deck and coachroof is timeless with an extensive glass skylight on the coach roof top. Light and ventilation below deck is one of the major topics regarding the interior of the yacht.

The cockpit is open towards the transom. It is divided into an “entertainment” area forward and a sailing cockpit aft. All sheets and halyards are lead in channels to the working cockpit to avoid the guests being disturbed.

At the same time the sleek outline of the yacht is taken down to details such as the arrangement of the deck gear. The track of the self-tacking jib is integrated in the deck. The anchor is stored below deck with a supporting mechanism helping to fold out the anchor. The transom flap not only features the large bathing platform, but also closes the dinghy garage.

The standard version of this yacht has a T-keel with lead bulb. This gives a lower centre of gravity leading to less required ballast. An optional lift keel arrangement can be chosen to achieve even better perfomance while avoiding extensive draft.






From the initial concept, the N570 was created by judel/vrolijk & co to offer something exceptional to the world of blue water cruising.

Superb sailing characteristics are combined with easy handling by a crew of two, and the relative technical simplicity of the yacht allows service and maintenance to take place around the world - the perfect global cruiser in fact. Najad 570 combines both contemporary and traditional values to stunning effect.

The heritage of Najad design and construction is apparent everywhere you look, with a great deal of thought going on in terms of ergonomics and practicalities. From the sleek black tinted ‘wraparound’ coach-roof window and large open deck spaces, through to the fully enclosed cockpit with twin helm stations, the shear size and majesty of the Najad 570 impresses from every angle.  

Below deck the emphasis is on natural light, ample living spaces and luxurious comfort. With the potential for each owner to customize the interior to a fairly large extent, the Najad 570 is a superb blend of tried and trusted technology, mixed with thoughtful and sometimes radical design - it is pure Najad




A perfect boat is beautiful, safe and fast. its features leave nothing to be desired. its design blends functionality with aesthetics, and the workmanship is flawless, right down to the smallest detail. Such high standards are simply the minimum at Dehler.

The „one“ Dehler 38 doesn’t really exist, because every Dehler 38 is different. This boat is what you make it. As a performance cruiser, it caters for the whole of the sailing spectrum – from regatta to the grand tour. and should you wish to make one of these features more or less prominent, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Each Dehler 38, therefore, is distinguished by its simple, elegant, sporty design from judel/vrolijk & co. which Dehler implement in the traditional quality manner.

Classic Coaster



The inspiration for ``Classic Coaster`` comes from the numeruos lobster boats on the American East Coast. Since the beginning of the century these classical, attractive and seaworthy lobster boat types are also available as luxurious leisure versions. With this category of boat that in its robustness is also suitable for rough seas, enjoyable for the weekend or short trips. For many this stylish boat is also just a perfect platform for relax.