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Design & Engineering

judel/vrolijk – a name that has shaped the international yacht building scene for 35 years. Founded by Rolf E. Vrolijk and Fietje Judel in 1978, today the company is among the world’s most respected design offices for high-calibre sailing yachts, with an international renown based on countless successful yacht racing projects hatched in the Bremerhaven think-tank.

As chief designer for the America’s Cup team Alinghi, for instance, Rolf Vrolijk played a decisive role in enabling a European craft to win the world’s oldest and most prestigious sailing trophy for the first time. Today the vehicle for contests fought by the world’s best and highest paid crews, the prestigious TP-52 class also bears the hallmark of judel/vrolijk: For years now, the designers from the River Weser have been developing the great majority of Transpac new buildings.

However, these high-tech racers are no more than the most striking performers in judel/vrolijk´s extensive portfolio. The inventive Bremerhaven-based yacht specialists and their PCs have also spawned cruiser racers, performance cruisers, classical yachts, production boats, motor-yachts and high grade one-off cruising yachts. Along with design engineering and detailed design, refit and interior projects as well as industrial concepts for commercial shipping have also been implemented.

Irrespective of the task, the foremost consideration for judel/vrolijk is always to realize an optimum in terms of design engineering and detailed design. To accomplish this, the company has drawn together the best engineers and designers in a highly motivated think-tank on the Weser.

The team comprises 15 members altogether. Among them is Torsten Conradi, who joined judel/vrolijk as the third partner in 1986. This shipbuilding engineer and specialist in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics has above all spurred on the company’s technological leadership, using cutting-edge IT technology to calculate, simulate and implement its creative ideas.

To preserve and extend its technological lead, judel/vrolijk conducts comprehensive research and development. Simply to follow current trends is totally alien to the company’s philosophy. Instead, new ideas have always been developed, own trends set, and a major contribution made to shaping the future of yacht design. In this context, the design office realizes research projects, some of these in cooperation with the renowned Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, or the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest organization for applied research and development services.

The focus of all activities is invariably on achieving the best possible solution for the customer. Consulting content is correspondingly high. judel/vrolijk does not see its task as being simply to fulfill customer’s wishes, without going more deeply into these, but to produce proposals for improvements, to offer fresh solutions that will surprise, fascinate and convince the client. Coupled with the high quality sought in its own work, commensurate customer service has brought judel/vrolijk a reputation that is unique worldwide in the water sports sector.